Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

New Year's Eve

The plan for today was to go to chronocoon's NYE party at his home in Berlin. Had to get a bunch of geocaches on the way of course. Down this section of NJ, those were all pretty easy, but after the fifth cache, the rain got irritating. So I checked in at the motel and then, after freshening up a little, headed over to the party. (Incidentally, I used Streets and Trips to get coordinates for both the motel and the party, and used my GPS to navigate to both locations. For the party location, the coordinates were within a few hundred feet, but for the motel, it was off by over 2 miles. Why? Who knows.)

At the party, we had vats of soup: Vegetable barley and roasted turkey. (The latter was supposed to be turkey noodle, but the noodles were missing and it got a little burnt somehow. :) Still quite good though.) Also had sushi, cheese and crackers, hummus, and a variety of snack foods.

Just before midnight, we went out to the backyard for fireworks and sparklers. And then we headed back in for sparkling grape juice (That's what I had anyway. There was also some stronger stuff.) and to watch the ball drop on TV.

Among folks in attendance were sashatigress, lupine_fox, tiggycat, skippyfox, and spottycat.

Is It Really Scenic? II (New Jersey )
Scenic Overlook on I-295 Southbound in Trenton.

My Pal, Myra (New Jersey)
Palmyra Cove Nature Park in Palmyra.

parking lot micro (New Jersey )
Jennings Lake in Marlton.

Centerfield (New Jersey)
Luke Avenue Recreation Complex in Berlin.

Silver Lake Park (New Jersey )
Silver Lake in Clementon.

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