Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Start the year off right

Went over to Westchester to find the Rye Hills Nano and A Harrier's Eye View geocaches. The first one was in Rye Hills Park in Rye Brook and the second was in Croton Point Park in Croton-on-Hudson.

Then it started raining so I figured that I would go to Palisades Center. The reason for going to this mall is it has covered parking areas (underground and multi-storey garage) so I could access the mall without getting wet. However, when I got there, the mall was so jam-packed that every parking space, both in the garage and outside, was taken up and people were driving round and round looking. So I gave up quickly and went back to Park Ridge for lunch. Isn't the mall supposed to be less crowded after Christmas?

Stayed in the rest of the day because it started sleeting outside. In spite of Flickr being a bit flaky this afternoon, I was able to get all the most recent pictures uploaded, including this one of another lion drinking fountain I saw at Crawford Park.

Other odds and ends:

1. Needed a new set of batteries for my camera. So I opened a pack of Energizer Lithiums. Then I saw a code on the packaging, so I went to this website and entered it. And I won an MP3 player!

2. I got an "A" in System Development Theory & Practice. I thought a significant number of points would be deducted because my final paper was somewhat short of the required word count, so this is unexpected.

3. The Hot Pockets t-shirt arrived in the mail. I'll probably give it to my father when I get tired of looking at it. :)
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