Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Start the year off... okay, okay, it's started already

Went to town this afternoon to get some things taken care of. First stop was at the post office to pay the p.o. box fee. I saw a note in there saying that the box rates will go up on January 8, so it's a good thing I paid today. I'm aware that postage rates are going up on January 8, but I didn't know that they were raising box rates too. It may be time to start looking at private mailbox providers such as Mailboxes Etc and Postnet. I went to their websites but couldn't find info on that so some time during the year, I'll have to inquire at their nearby stores.

Also saw jess_k in town. Nice surprise! I was getting a spare pack of Energizer Lithium batteries there. Hmm... this pack has a contest code too. Maybe I can win another prize. :)

This evening, there was a cable internet outage lasting about 3 hours and 45 minutes, which is just under the 4 hours needed to claim a refund. Drat. During the downtime, I updated the web browser on both the desktop and laptop computers to K-MeleonCCF 0.04 Final. Except that I wouldn't call it final just yet because I encountered a small problem in the config files. But it wasn't a serious problem and I fixed it myself to get things going.

Also PageDefrag-ed the laptop to return it to a less lethargic bootup speed. I noticed that it was slowing horribly during my last trip. However, I shouldn't need to boot the laptop that often anyway. It should be okay to keep it in standby mode if I anticipate that I'll use it again soon.

And finally, I did some light reading (inasmuch as Empire of Debt can be considered light reading), but I only finished one chapter before the cable internet came back.
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