Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Still not going there for the casinos

Went out to bag the Pete27a Third geocache this evening. It's behind a pair of restaurants in Butler, so the question I posed to the cache placer is which of the two restaurants is the after-geocaching restaurant. :)

Then I went to the Garden State Plaza to use a coupon at Borders. (I'd checked their inventory on the web to make sure they had what I wanted.) Then I had Taco Bell food at the food court. That's only notable because I hardly ever have Taco Bell and that's because the Taco Bell restaurant closest to home is still on my avoid list.

Anyway, it looks like the Where's George event in Atlantic City is a go. I'll meet the gang at Tun Tavern and we'll see how it goes from there. So I was checking motels in the A.C. area. I believe I know why I got a good deal on my last trip there. That's because I went on a weekday. That particular motel's rates are $30 higher on the weekend! On a $44 room, that's quite a jump. No matter. I can shop around for a better deal.

So I took a look at Hotwire. Their hotel reservation process is rather unusual. You get a list of hotels without the names and exact locations. So you're supposed to pick a room based on the price and the general area it is in. The name of the hotel is revealed only after you've entered the credit card info. The main problem I see with this setup is you can't choose a non-smoking room. (or conversely, you can't choose a smoking room if you're a smoker and want to smoke in the room) The website suggests calling the hotel afterwards to set room preferences, but if it turns out that they don't have any non-smoking rooms available, you're stuck. So IMHO, it's still better to reserve at AAA, Expedia, etc, where you can set your room preferences ahead of time.
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