Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Shadows People

I get postcards from realtors almost every day now advertising homes for sale in this neighborhood. Hmm... having trouble finding buyers? I don't see how, when you have such beauties as this $2.6 million 6-bedroom palace. (Only about $300 per square foot. Such a deal.) Anyway, the most recent card I got was for this nearby apartment, which at $283,500 seems downright affordable in comparison to the previous example. But no, if I'm going to put up that kind of money, I would prefer to have a bit of distance from the neighbors.

Went through my Flickr archives this evening, moving some of the older photos into the appropriate Flickr groups. As I was doing that, I came across this photo of a gas price sign. My caption there is a little ironic considering that gas prices are higher than that today.

Thunderbird 1.5 has been released. Great. I'd been using the release candidates for quite a while and I'll upgrade tomorrow.

While visiting a totally unrelated website, I came across a link to Shadows. Like, it's a social bookmarks manager. (i.e. it allows you to post your bookmarks online, tag them, and share them with others) Shadows, however, goes a few steps beyond by adding website thumbnail images, blogs, ratings, the NSFW flag, friends lists, and communities. Shadows also imports bookmarks from to make it easy to switch. But it remains to be seen if Shadows can overcome's first mover advantage. Anyway, I wrote some simple K-Meleon macros for Shadows. I'll probably rebind these macros to popup menus later because there aren't too many function keys left.
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