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Why I'm not a Food Critic III

Oh boy, freezing rain. Hope it stops by tomorrow morning.

I wish the sushi place would not close after 3pm. I haven't been able to go there very much because I usually have lunch at odd hours.

Today, it was at 4pm because I was rushing to finish something so that someone else could try it out before his quitting time. Oh well. But what's this lying on the passenger seat of my car? A coupon for a six-pack of tacos at Badlands Tacos. I've been to their restaurant in Oradell but I've been meaning to go to the new one in Ramsey so what the hey?

It's on Main St, the narrow, congested, parking-on-both-sides part of Ramsey. I missed the restaurant on my first pass perhaps because I was trying not to run over any of the numerous pedestrians. So I stopped a bit past the center of the town and called them to place my order and get directions. Missed it again on my second pass but I figured it had to be in that new-looking row of stores next to the strip mall. Indeed it was. The restaurant was so new they hadn't put up a sign yet. All they had was a banner.

So I parked curbside and went in to pick up my order. Apart from the staff, I was the only one there. Perhaps that's because hardly anyone has lunch at 4pm. The tacos were pretty good. Better than Taco Bell, although that's not saying much. Those were soft tacos though so I'll have to check next time if they have those in crispy. I'll probably be back as Ramsey isn't too far away and I have more coupons.

Okay, back to packing my bags. Heading out to Philcon tomorrow.

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