Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Mists of... uhh... Time

Foggy day, and the fog lingered until nighttime, making all the streetlights hazy.

Regardless of the fog, I went out in the afternoon for two geocaches. The first was smoked Whitefish 1 in Eugene Levy Park in Pomona. I thought the collection of animals in the playground was rather neat. After that, I went to the Smoked Whitefish 2 geocache at Brooklands Park in Suffern.

Okay, so something bad did happen on Friday 13th. The wireless router doesn't work any more. I tried swapping cables, rebooting both the router and the cable modem, and a number of other things. The only time I connected to the net successfully was when I hooked up the cable modem directly to the computer. However, I also tried the spare (and slightly defective, although it's just a problem with overheating after extended use) wireless router and that didn't work either, so it led me to suspect that something deeper is amiss. From what I saw in the diagnostic screens for the two routers, they got stuck in DHCP queries when trying to acquire a network address. However, if the desktop computer itself can acquire an address through the cable modem just fine, that makes no sense.

Ah well. No time to puzzle it out now.
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