Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The Rainy Day you've been saving for

It rained all day. The rain was lighter at times, heavier at times, and very heavy at the end of the day, which was okay as I was finishing up with the last geocache and leaving anyway. The rainy day venue: NE Philadelphia and Bucks County.

Most of the geocaches weren't too hard to do in the rain, except in some wooded areas where the ground became a sloshy mess. Also, some people were riding ATVs in Queen Anne Park in the rain, which was annoying and possibly illegal?

Going home, I took I-95 to US-1 because I planned on dining and shopping at several locations along US-1. I noticed that a car was parked in an odd place: the highway median. I didn't think much of it until I saw another car in the median a mile ahead, and then another and another, and one more that was in the process of being loaded onto a tow truck. Hmm... okay, perhaps the rain was making the road a little slick.

The rain turned to snow right about the time when I got home. I didn't think it would amount to much, but I see now that everything is covered in snow and the forecast calls for an accumulation of 2 to 4 inches. I'll see what it's like tomorrow morning before making any plans.

Lucky!!! (New Jersey )
Rahway River Parkway in Rahway.

"Best Buy" will delight you (Pennsylvania)
Strip mall in Langhorne.

Holidays Only (Pennsylvania )
Wooded area in Langhorne.

Queen Snake (Pennsylvania)
Queen Anne Park in Levittown.

Bourne in the Woods (Pennsylvania )
Queen Anne Park in Levittown.

Queen Anne's Jewels (Pennsylvania)
Queen Anne Park in Levittown. (a different section of the same park)

The Highlands (Pennsylvania )
Highland Park in Levittown.

Mickey D's Will Delight You (Pennsylvania)
McDonald's parking lot in Langhorne.

Riverside Hide (Pennsylvania )
Boat ramp area in Philadelphia.

Fish For Fun (Pennsylvania)
Boat ramp area in Philadelphia.

Eden Hall Temple? (Pennsylvania )
Fleur Park in Philadelphia.


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