Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The scupper is a bit rusty

There was a bit of snow overnight. I don't think it was 4 inches, but it was enough to cover everything. So I started later to give the snow removal crews a chance to clear all the roads. Looks like I should've started even later than that. While the roads in the nearby towns were generally fine (this area has one heck of a snow removal budget, it seems), I noticed that some highway ramps were still covered in snow and one road in Sloatsburg was still limited to a single lane. Then when I got to Connecticut, they were plowing I-95 and many local roads were still covered in snow.

My first destination was the "Dam Monk" geocache at the reservoir in Ringwood. I had quite a bit of an advantage because I've seen this kind of tricky hide before. Then I decided that I was cold and freezing so I went to Quiznos in Ramsey for lunch. Tried one of the new bread bowls. It's soup served in hollowed-out bread, just like the bread bowls at Panera Bread, except that at Quiznos, the bread bowl is toasted.

Then I decided I wasn't cold enough yet, so I headed over to Connecticut to bag a few easy geocaches. I was delayed significantly by a 4-vehicle (3 cars, 1 bus) accident at the Norwalk/Westport town line. This one looked quite serious indeed because they needed an ambulance. After that, things went rather quickly and on my way home, I stopped at Palisades Center (first time I was able to park at the mall since mid-December!) for dinner.

On another note, the wireless router DHCP problem seems to have gone away on its own. I think Cablevision tweaked something at their end. But since 802.11g wireless routers are much cheaper these days than when I first started looking at those, I went ahead and upgraded the home network. (Okay, so I now have two spare routers. More clutter. heh)

Dam Monk (New Jersey )
Monksville Reservoir in Ringwood.

Off Your Rocker in Milford (Connecticut)
Cracker Barrel in Milford.

CraigInCT's Crossroads #12 (Connecticut )
Near the Rusty Scupper in New Haven.

CraigInCT's Crossroads #6 (Connecticut)
Park 'n Ride in North Haven.


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