Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Power Outage of Death (okay, enough with that "of Death" thing already!)

It was windy and rainy this morning. I went to work and the power was out in the whole building. (presumably for weather-related reasons) I think the building maintenance people had a good idea this time around. They used some glowsticks for temporary lighting. Oddly enough, the upscale strip mall next door still had power. So since nothing was getting done in the office, I took a walk over there. You know... I still don't understand upscale shopping. They have pillows selling for $20 each, but those are 50% off. So $10 pillows are a bargain because they're 50% off? Maybe they would be worth $10 if they were special. (but NO human-skin pillows please!) The other problem with that strip mall is half of the stores are women's clothing boutiques, which are of no interest to me unless... well, never mind.

Anyway, there wasn't much to see there so I went back to the office to wait out the power outage. At 12:30pm, the office was closed for the day. I went home for lunch and then headed out to bag a couple of geocaches. Now wait a minute, you might be thinking. Wasn't it windy and raining? Well, I checked the weather radar and it looked like the Western part of NJ was clearing up. Now I knew that flooding could be a problem, but I figured the hilly sections of Morris County would be relatively immune to flooding.

So I went and did You got to be kidding 3 (Masar Park, Boonton), You got to be kidding 4 (Tourne Park, Denville), and You got to be kidding 2 (Montville Park, Montville). I was the first-to-find for the first two caches, and probably the only person to visit them on a foul-weather day like this. They all had pretty much the same format: the first part was a visit to a playground to calculate the coordinates based on information from the playground itself (e.g. counting platforms, slides, steps, etc in the playset) and the second part was a short walk in the woods to the actual geocache.

The first two caches were in relatively dry areas, so my hunch about this area was correct. The third one, however, was in a lower area and that place did flood. All the trails had become streams because of the water runoff. So after doing that cache, I changed to a dry pair of shoes before grocery shopping and dinner.

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