Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Ornery Friday

One by one, I'm running out of gas stations with civil pump attendants. This time it's the Mico (recently renamed to "Sun Energy") station on Route 17 in Saddle River. I paid this fellow for the gas and then he started grumbling in a foreign language because he didn't like cash?? Actually, he grumbled in a foreign language with one English word wedged in the middle, reminding me of the wallah who sits outside the hut in It Ain't Half Hot Mum. Now if I were really easy to tick off, I would be writing a letter of complaint to the station owner and boycotting the gas station. But then I would be writing all the time and not going to half the gas stations in this part of the state. That's why I want self-service in this state. I'm really not so concerned about whether gas prices will be higher or lower with self-service. Not having to deal with ornery pump attendants in itself is a big plus.

Sent in a photo to JPG Magazine's "Photography is not a Crime" issue. I didn't have any good ones fitting this theme, so I used a picture that had part of Brigantine Bridge in it. See... because of the bridge, maybe photography would not have been allowed. However, I was nearly a quarter of a mile from the bridge at that viewpoint, so it's no worse than viewing it in Google Satellite.
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