Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Readington Round-up

The weather forecast called for rain but the weather turned out to be fine the whole day. Most of the day was spent in Readington where a bunch of new caches popped up this week. The nice thing about this area is there's a Wawa store at US-202 and Summer Road, so I planned to hit that after the Summer Road Park geocache, which I knew was just across from Wawa.

At the next geocache after that, I ran into Ekitt10 and Trowel32. So we joined forces and did the next three geocaches as a group. And that was fun. Each of us found one geocache and putting three heads together also helped on issues of planning and navigation.

Then we parted company and I did the remaining geocaches on my own. The last two were done after dark but they were pretty quick ones so it was okay. Then I went to East Hanover for grocery shopping (more cheap apples from the Chinese supermarket) and dinner. I saw that Penang Restaurant already had Chinese New Year specials, five days before they said they would have those. Great! So I had yee sang, a colorful dish of raw fish, and "Double Prosperity", a dish of mushrooms and vegetables wrapped in some bean curd kind of thing. (Okay, I'm probably not doing it justice with my clumsy description there.)

CHUGLY (New Jersey )
Duke Island Park in Bridgewater.

Hillcrest Hideaway (New Jersey)
Hillcrest Park in Readington.

Hyland's Hides #1 (New Jersey )
Readington township lands.

Summer Fun (New Jersey)
Summer Road Park in Readington.

Books R Us (New Jersey )
Library in Three Bridges.

Rockafellow Rapids (New Jersey)
Bridge over the Raritan South Branch in Readington.

Old Dutch Farm (New Jersey )
Bouman-Stickney Farmstead in Readington.

2 on Target Challenge (New Jersey)
Hunterdon County Arboretum in Lebanon.

Turtle's Echo (New Jersey )
Echo Hill Park in Lebanon.

Hill of the Mill (New Jersey)
Grist Mill historic site in Readington.

Spruce Run Park-n-Hide (New Jersey )
Spruce Run Park in Clinton.

Over the River - the sequel (New Jersey)
Bridge in Phillipsburg.

On The Edge of Balloonsbury (New Jersey )
I-78 rest area in Bloomsbury.

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