Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lehigh Valley

Weather was fine but colder than yesterday. After a brief stop in Lebanon (the town in NJ, not the country) to pick up a cache that I skipped yesterday, I continued onwards to the Lehigh Valley area for a bunch more geocaches.

Nearly ran over a Christmas tree that was on the Westbound lanes of US-22. I used the emergency lane to get past it.

I finally visited a Sheetz store. There's one near Egypt. (the town in Pennsylvania, not the country :) ) It's a lot like Wawa in that it has a gas station, a kitchen serving made-to-order food (with terminals where you punch in your order), and all the usual convenience store snack items. The MTO menu is quite big, although not the same as and not a superset of Wawa's menu. They don't seem to have an equivalent to Wawa's hot-to-go bowls. On the other hand, they do offer MTO burgers, fries, onion rings, nachos, etc, which Wawa doesn't. They also seem to be missing store-brand half-gallon bottles of green tea iced tea. And lastly, service was rather slow, although it could be because the store was quite busy as it's a big deal in this area.

This evening, the pump attendant at the Mobil gas station in Mahwah cleaned both the front and back windshields, which is great. Especially for the back one, which had become rather dusty. So this nice gesture balanced out my bad experience with the ornery pump attendant on Friday. It's too bad that another customer just ahead of me was being rude and impatient with him. Maybe that too will balance out when that customer meets up with the ornery pump attendant.

DECOYS (New Jersey )
Round Valley Recreation Area in Lebanon.

Out of Place (Pennsylvania)
Northampton County Home parking area in Nazareth.

It's Not A Micro! (Pennsylvania )
Canal Park in Hanover Township.

For Those That Served - West Catasauqua (Pennsylvania)
Town park and war memorial.

It's a Hokey of a Cache (Pennsylvania )
Whitehall Township Recreation Area in Whitehall.

A Strange Thing Happened (Pennsylvania)
Jordan Parkway in Whitehall.

A Winged Cat? (Pennsylvania )
Near this F-14 Tomcat at VFW Post 7293 in Egypt.

Econo TB Hotel We won't keep the light on for you (Pennsylvania)
PA Turnpike rest area in Allentown.

Just Another Shopping Center Cache (Pennsylvania )
Near a strip mall in Coopersburg.


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