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Chester County, PA

I'm in Philly now, connected to the net using the hotel's Internet access. (STSN) I'm surprised this works at all with my laptop that's running Linux, but it does. The way the initial hookup works is interesting. The first time I used telnet, I got some text asking if I wanted to order the Internet service. I think it intercepts a few different protocols and turns the first response into a purchase agreement. I'll have to see how it works with Netscape tomorrow.

Anyway, I figured since I was staying an extra day, why not go bag a few geocaches? "Few" somehow became seven by sunset.

The first one was a bit of a bust. The trail was closed and I could see why. It was a sheet of ice! I thought I could get there with extreme care but it was best not to break the rules so I passed on that one.

Audubon Cache... well, this trail sure was slippery but it wasn't closed. The walk ended at a tall abandoned smokestack. It's a cylindrical structure of brick with an opening at the bottom.

PigPenCache was another pretty easy one. It was indeed covered in snow but the snow was not piled high enough to completely obscure the suspicious arrangement of covering material. I'm wondering why there was deer blood on the snow though. Is hunting allowed in a municipal park?

The hardest thing about Hiking for Shamrocks was finding the park. I tried one approach but the bridge was washed out so I drove all the way around to PA-73 and then into Evansburg Rd and that was it. Then it was a wet and slushy walk to the cache. Lots of brown clay-like mud. Nice river area though.

Cache-At-Work 2 is in the ruins of a house, practically next door to an office complex area.


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