Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Amusements from the Blogosphere

This afternoon, I saw two people go around the neighborhood posting ads on dumpsters (of all things!) for a condo similar to this one. So there are now at least two condos up for sale in this neighborhood because this one is for sale by owner, whereas the other one is a Coldwell Banker listing. Bwahaha. Won't be long now before the situation becomes like this. (borrowed from Bubblemeter)

From The Consumerist, we have a selection of Starbucks Complaints Contest entries. I think the 4th entry is the funniest because of the protracted argument over "large" vs. "venti", which makes the 5th entry rather ironic.

Also from The Consumerist, William Shatner's kidney stone sells for $25,000 to Golden Palace. (Ugh... but I'm sure it complements their Virgin Mary grilled cheese quite nicely.)
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