Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Post the freakin' livejournal entry! :)

Going to a geocaching event this weekend. Might as well, as it's been a while since I've been to one of those SEPAG gatherings. So this evening, I went to the Chinese supermarket to get some rice crackers and assorted East Asian snacks for the potluck. While there, I encountered a guy whose cellphone's ringtone was the sound of someone saying "Answer the freakin' phone!" over and over again. Neat idea, but it could become very annoying if he leaves his phone lying around somewhere and it gets a call.

Got a Where's George hit in Costa Rica.

Taking a look at BullionVault. Commissions and custody fees seem pretty low, and you can narrow the bid/ask spread by trading with other BullionVault users, so it sounds like an inexpensive way to own gold. However, the only way to deposit funds seems to be via a SWIFT transfer, which is not as convenient as a check or an ACH transfer.

WellsTrade doesn't appear to have a screen showing pending transfers, or if it's there, it's not obvious. And it also doesn't email a confirmation of the transfer order. They have a thing or two to learn from Orange Savings.

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