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Philcon Day 1

Well, just a half-day. There wasn't anything until the afternoon.

Parking is pretty expensive. It would have been cheaper to just leave the car in that garage for the four days but I wanted to go out in the morning. So it was $21 for half a day. But the payment machines take Where's George bills so that wasn't so bad. Speaking of WG, here's a hit in Haiti. Yet another purple hit. I picked up a discount ticket at the Philcon information desk later in the day. A bit late but it'll help the next time I have to take the car out.

Picked up four more geocaches. EYE OF THE TIGER was another walk on an icy trail and a climb up a snowy hill. Not as bad as the trails were yesterday though. It should get less icy with each passing snowless day. Once again, I have no idea what's going on with PA caches as this one was completely exposed. There must be some other definition of "well hidden", which the description claimed it was. Oh well... bagged another easy find. Thornbury Park Cache was a quick walk and bag. Hidden a little better but I went around to the back of the hiding spot and it was visible. Have to remember to cover it on all sides, folks.

Returned to the hotel and found that registration was open. Moderate line but it didn't take too long, thankfully. Took a first look in the dealer's room. Didn't see anything I wanted but I'll go again later. Attended the following panels: The Greatest Inventions of the 21st Century, Space Tourism, and a slide show of Samurai Cat art. The upper floor was taken by a KPMG event. That was funny because lots of Philcon attendees, myself included, were going up the escalators there, finding out what that was, and coming down again. Not sure what became of the panels and events up on that floor. Maybe we were supposed to use the elevators to get there.

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