Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Apples to... uhh... Apples

My Flickr photostream just went over 10,000 views. However, with 2,338 photos in the photostream, that's just a bit over 4 views per photo. So it's nothing to write home about.

The poser of the evening is where can I get good apples around here? Nearly every time I've bought apples at Pathmark and A&P, those apples have turned out to be tasteless and hard. It seems to be a problem with big supermarket chains because over the past few months, I've also purchased apples at Chinese supermarkets in Edison and East Hanover, and those apples have turned out pretty good. And furthermore, those were cheaper than apples from the large supermarkets! So this evening, in an attempt to find a source for good apples that isn't over 30 miles from home, I went to the Apple Tree Farmers Market on the other side of town. I figured if a place with the name "Apple Tree" doesn't have good apples, there's no hope for the rest of us. :) So I went there to check them out. They have four varieties of apples, all at 99 cents per pound. A fair price. I got two varieties. If the first apple I tried this evening was any indication, I've just found a good place to get apples. I also got a tray of salmon sushi there because I felt like it.

Another cable internet outage since around midnight. So I'm posting this via Netzero.

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