Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Stroudsburg and the Poconos

Went to Northeast Pennsylvania, specifically the Pocono Area, today. This is a well-known ski resort destination, so it's rather odd seeing the whole place completely without snow except for the top of Camelback Mountain. They must have the snow-making machines going full time up there.

They didn't have very many new geocaches in this area, so I combined the new ones with some that I didn't get the last time. It's a scenic area. Lots of streams and pine woods. Except for Kettle Creek, I didn't tackle anything too hilly.

The one-way streets in downtown Stroudsburg are very confusing. In order to get from I-80 to Route 191 Northbound, you have to make 4 turns! After that, I didn't know whether I was coming or going.

Hit 10,000 miles on the way back.

Had another Chinese New Year special this evening: Golden Phoenix. Funny, the phoenix looked a lot like chicken. :)

Have A Blast! (Pennsylvania)
War memorial in Stroudsburg.

Is It Real or ???. (Pennsylvania )
Brodhead Creek Park in East Stroudsburg.

Pinebrook Revisited (Pennsylvania)
Pinebrook Park in East Stroudsburg.

Billy Goats Gruff (Pennsylvania )
Pinebrook Park in East Stroudsburg.

A Drive Up Cache (Pennsylvania)
Roadside in East Stroudsburg. Very dangerous place because people come flying around a bend at high speeds.

Looking for Cranberries (Pennsylvania )
Tannersville Cranberry Bog in East Stroudsburg.

Paradise Creek Cache (Pennsylvania)
Paradise Creek Park in Paradise Valley.

The Pocono Travel Bug Hotel @ Kettle Creek (Pennsylvania )
Kettle Creek Park in Bartonsville.

Kettle Creek (Pennsylvania)
Kettle Creek Park in Bartonsville.

CJ's - "I'm a little teapot" (Pennsylvania )
State Game Lands #186 in Jackson.

CJ's "Ridge Runner" (Pennsylvania)
State Game Lands #186 in Jackson.

Appenzell Creek Cache (Pennsylvania )
Appenzell Creek Park in Neola.

The Hidden Diamond (Pennsylvania)
Hamilton Township Park in Hamilton Township.


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