Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The not-part-of-the-plan plan

Every time I made a reservation at a Starwood Hotels property (usually Sheraton or Westin, depending on the convention), the reservation clerk would ask if I had a Starwood Preferred Guest number. In response, I would either ask if I had a number or say that I didn't know. So I was blissfully unaware of my SPG membership, until one day a Starwood-American Express credit card application arrived in the mail. The application had an SPG number on it. Curious, I entered it at Starwood's website. Naturally, I didn't know the password so I filled in the form to get a temporary password sent to me. I tried that temp password but it didn't work. Figuring that something was broken, I called their call center. "Will" took the call and checked my information. Apparently, I did have an SPG membership, but it had been deactivated because I hadn't been using it for over 18 months. Wow. That must have been from the days of JerseyDevilCon and the Raritan Sheraton! So he reactivated the account and added my Westin (Anthrocon) reservation to it. Easy.

Anyway, since I had the SPG account info, I went ahead and made a reservation at the Sheraton Bradley (Furfright) this year. I also filled in the form to apply for missing credits from last year's stay at the Sheraton Bradley. Hopefully they'll credit my account for that too so it won't take as long to earn a free room night.

Had a chat with the academic advisor (on his request) this evening. I stated that I wasn't satisfied with the way the fall quarter went and that I had sent in feedback on it, but that's in the past. Looking forward, we agreed that I could abandon the degree plan and skip ahead to classes that are of interest, and maybe return to the core requirements later. As I've learnt this year, even if you're only in your 30s or 40s, you never know when your time is up. You could live a day or you could live 50 more years. Or you could live 200 more years with hormone therapy and artificial organs, but I digress. The point is if you've been putting up with the bothersome stuff all this while, saving the fun stuff for later, you may never get to the fun stuff. So mix it up a little and enjoy!

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