Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Pre-snow activity

Because of the impending snow, the plan today was to avoid straying too far from home so that I could come back home quickly if it started snowing heavily. So it was essentially a mop-up operation to get a bunch of geocaches that weren't far from home but were a bit too long to do on a weekday. So I did those four geocaches.

There was still time, so I just hit the nearest cache, and then the nearest one after that. It didn't quite work out because the road between the nearest and second nearest was closed. So I picked another one, which turned out to be a pair of caches up a steeper mountain than I expected. Sometimes I get more exercise by not looking at topo maps.

After that last one, snow started falling. So I made a quick retreat down the mountain and went home. Well, not quite. The snow was still very light in the evening, so I got some Quiznos (to use another coupon from my neverending coupon collection) and then made a quick stop at the supermarket again to get one of each frozen food item that was on sale. (to bring my inventory back up to where it was yesterday) Still no sign of the milk-and-bread mob! What's the matter with people? They're being sane or something. :)

"The Where's George Hotel" (New Jersey )
Mills Reservation in Cedar Grove.

"Boulder City" (New Jersey)
Wooded area in Cedar Grove.

Just a Little Off the Top (New Jersey )
Barbour Pond Park in Wayne.

Memories of Mulder Cache (New Jersey)
The Tourne in Denville.

Here's Johnny (New Jersey )
Jonathan's Woods in Rockaway.

Rock Stack's (New Jersey)
Wildcat Ridge in Rockaway.

Graffiti Mt Summit (New Jersey )
Wildcat Ridge in Rockaway.


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