Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

After the "after the blizzard"

It was still snowing very lightly in the afternoon but I didn't mind so I took a walk outside to see if I could get the Sunday paper at one of the nearby stores. Just before leaving, I measured the snow. It was an exercise doomed to failure because the ruler was only a foot long and the snow was about one and a half feet deep. Anyway, some pictures:
I received an email from Bob (formerly Frolickin, a geocacher from South Jersey whom I've run into a few times) informing me that this journal has been linked to from the 39th Carnival of the New Jersey Bloggers. Quite an honor. :) Reading through the rest of the Carnival, I see links to a few blogs dealing with state politics and the local economy that I'll definitely have to add to the RSS reader.


And finally, I was credited 786 Starpoints by the Starwood Preferred Guest folks. I filed a missing credits application for last year's stay at the Sheraton Bradley only a few days ago so they're pretty fast. Excellent.

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