Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Maintenance Monday

Until the day my Fotolog Gold Camera membership ran out, I didn't know how obtrusive the begging for money had become. If you aren't a Gold Camera member, you see:
  • an interstitial page with 3 paypal buttons every time you upload a picture, and
  • a big ugly yellow-and-tan banner on every photo page, whether you're viewing your own photos or someone elses.
I realize selling Gold Camera memberships is what keeps the site running, but couldn't they be a tad more subtle? This may just end up driving some people over to Flickr.

Went to Quiznos in Ramsey this afternoon. While the roads were fine, there were big snowbanks and lots of slush along the sidewalk. So I got my shoes and socks all wet the moment I stepped out of CM2. This became a problem later when I got back to work and had nowhere to hang my socks up to dry them. Ugh. Anyway, I had a conversation with the restaurant manager and staff about printers, of all things. Hmm... coming to think of it, the conversations I've had with them so far were about food, tech, econ/finance, and photos/local travel. Hey, they could fill in for me in this journal! :)

Oil change this evening. Mileage = 10,344. This time, they couldn't do the complimentary carwash because the hose was frozen. Not that I mind because it'll only get all covered in grey snow and road salt again, but they couldn't do the carwash the last time either for a different reason. (the carwash door was stuck) Let's see what happens on my next visit.

Also got a haircut at Supercuts. As usual, the hairdresser was wary about cutting that much hair off (It seems I get a haircut only 2 or 3 times a year) but eventually she went at it and did a great job! For future reference, ask for the #4.

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