Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Valentine's Day

If you don't have anyone to be with then I think doing what you love is the next best thing. So I went geocaching and then I had fried fish. Heh.

The first one was a short walk in the snow at Brookdale County Park. I got there and started looking. And then KBer brought the cache over. Apparently, he got there just a minute before I did and he was logging the cache in his car.

The other five geocaches were the guardrail series in and around Cornwall in Orange County. They were all hidden the same way in... well, their namesake. More importantly, they were all findable at night in the snow. The downside to doing those caches at night is I'm probably missing a whole lot of scenery.

And then finally, I went to Long John Silver's in New Windsor for the fried fish. I got quite a lot for about $7, the steep NY State sales tax notwithstanding. Consumer surplus = love. :)

Oliver's Oasis (New Jersey)
Brookdale County Park in Brookdale.

Guardrail Series 3: A View of Schunemunk Mountain (New York )
Roadside in Salisbury Mills.

Guardrail Series 2: Black Rock's 9W Entrance (New York)
Along Route 9W in Cornwall.

Guardrail Series 1: A View from atop Storm King (New York )
Trailhead parking area along Route 9W in West Point.

Guardrail Series 4: The Spring (New York)
Near a spring in Cornwall.

Guardrail Series 5: The Mystery Location (New York )
Yet another roadside location in Cornwall.


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