Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Endless Amusement

While making up a few lists of geocaches, I came across a bunch of puzzle caches in the Lower Bucks County / Trenton area. In retrospect, I don't know why I didn't just solve them the first time I saw them show up on the system because they're not difficult at all. In Pick your poison, I should do the second puzzle of the three, of course. After all, I only use the required type of software nearly every day! No Boat Required is also pretty straightforward. I also worked out the answers to One Knight in Banchoff. It's the ultimate test of cerebral fitness! Well no, it's just Chess. :) So okay, I'll have to get to that area some time this weekend to find the physical containers for those.

I can't believe I actually griped about something being tiny and hard to read. Next thing you know, I'll have problems hearing and need to use a walker too. Then I'll keep talking about having to walk 15 miles in the snow uphill both ways for a geocache back in my day. :)

Meanwhile, over at Where's George, we have a reappearance of the Fnord bill. I just think it's neat when more than one finder mentions the same feature on the bill.
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