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The goal for today was to find the puzzle caches whose puzzles I solved during the week. That went pretty well, except for "Pick Your Poison" which was in a state of disarray because it had been ransacked by a miscreant. It's a pity that there are people who go around destroying things just because they can.

The other annoying thing was when I wanted to read the informational sign at "Locktenders Backyard" and found that it had been defaced. You want to know how beautiful towns with glorious histories become pits? Senseless destruction. Trashing geocaches. Defacing public property. Both are symptoms of the same lousy social conditioning. And these people will eventually start whining about having to live in a hellhole.

I must be getting soft. Temperatures were around 30°F but it felt a lot colder than it should. Found another Wawa store in Hamilton only because I missed a turn. If I didn't know better, I'd say they placed those stores to take advantage of my navigation errors.

Dinner and shopping along US-1 in the evening. Apples were 69 cents/lb at the Chinese supermarket. Such a bargain. Only problem was most of the apples in the pile were bruised. I went through the whole pile and found 15 good apples, which is a decent haul for this trip.

The Octopus Tree (New Jersey )
East Brunswick Community Park.

Pay the Toll to the Troll (New Jersey)
Canal State Park in Trenton.

D.O.G. (New Jersey )
Banchoff Park in Trenton.

One Knight in Banchoff (New Jersey)
Banchoff Park in Trenton. The ultimate test of cerebral fitness. :)

Dime 4 Your Rhyme (New Jersey )
Washington Crossing State Park in Titusville. Hope my rhyme wasn't too bad. :)

No Boat Required (Pennsylvania)
One of the puzzle caches. Final location is in the Yardley area.

Billy Goats Gruff #1 (Pennsylvania )
Delaware Canal State Park in Yardley.

Pick your poison (Pennsylvania)
Puzzle cache in Bensalem.

Butt-On (Pennsylvania )

Royal Ball (Pennsylvania)
Queen Anne Park in Levittown.

Locktenders Backyard (Pennsylvania )
Locktender's house site in Bristol.

Sometimes Love is Rocky (Pennsylvania)
Near a strip mall in Bristol.

Steel Magnolia (Pennsylvania )
Magnolia Lake in Bristol.

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