Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Westchester, Rockland, Orange

Beautiful day and what better way to spend it than to visit the areas to the North of me that still have patches of snow here and there. I was expecting one or two of the caches to be a problem because others have reported DNFs on those, but surprisingly I was able to find them all, and quickly too. So I made a big arc from Westchester through Rockland County to the Middletown area in Orange County. Finished at the mall.

Then I went to the Salvation Army store and Arby's on Route 211. Once again, there was one good plush toy in the pile at the S.A. store, and as I've learnt, untagged items are always 99 cents. I also checked the book section and snagged a copy of Kafka's The Trial. If you like reading stories about people who get caught up in endless bureaucratic messes (okay, I'm not selling this well at all!), one of the Kafka novels might fit the bill.

Then I went back to NJ to shop at CompUSA's 2-day sale. Okay, it's the 2nd day of the 2-day sale, which is actually a 1-day sale because the Paramus store is closed on Sunday. So why on earth did the North Paramus store close early? No matter. I got what I wanted.

While looking at some cache listings this evening, I noticed that there's a geocacher using the name "GorgarTheDemon" going around logging just "GORGAR FIND", like this log entry, or "GORGAR FIND CACHE" on every cache. I can imagine a big hulking demon-like creature stomping through the woods, looking around, picking up the cache, which is tiny in comparison, and hollering "GORGAR FIND!" Cool.

Spoosh 6 (New York )
Sheldrake Lake in Larchmont.

Musicians' Cache #1: Forte (New York)
Sheldrake Lake in Larchmont.

Creekside Cache (New York )
Twin Lakes County Park in Eastchester.

It's only Rock N Roll to me.... (New York)
White Plains Greenway in White Plains.

Tappan Zee Express (New York )
Haverstraw Bay County Park in West Haverstraw.

Crazy Kids Cache (New York)
Circleville Park in Circleville.

Circleville Park Cache (New York )
Circleville Park in Circleville.

"Scooby Doo Where Are You" (New York)
Delaware and Hudson Canal County Park in Cuddebackville.

Shop And Drop (New York )
Near the Crystal Run Galleria in Middletown.


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