Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

A flock of mice

Flock 0.5.11 is out. At least for us, the most important new feature is support for Livejournal. It can't do as much as most Livejournal clients but it can compose, post, and edit LJ entries. Flock's main selling point is its integration with a number of different online services. So, for example, if you have a Flickr account then adding a picture to your post is as easy as dragging it from the Photo Browser in the Topbar into the blog editor.  Of course, this is only a developer preview so it has many rough edges. Among other problems I've seen, it got stuck trying to access my account, it erroneously appended the page title to the URL when I dragged the URL into the Shelf, and it doesn't seem to offer a way to edit the URL of a favorite. Also, considering Flock's intended user base, I can't believe the spelling checker dictionary does not already include the word "blog".

The item that I got in CompUSA's 2-day sale was a Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0. This may not be the best deal for a wireless mouse because I see some other lesser-known brands for a bit less than the sale price at Newegg, etc. However, I was curious as to whether it would be better than what I was using previously, which was a generic wired optical mouse. The funny thing is the biggest improvement I see is not that the mouse is wireless but that the driver software implements scrollwheel acceleration. So the more I move the scrollwheel, the faster it scrolls. Now I can zoom past those long memes! :) This mouse also has "Back" and "Forward" buttons, which to my surprise work correctly in K-Meleon. These buttons will take some getting used to. For now, it doesn't feel natural to push the two side-buttons with my thumb when holding the mouse.

Borrowed from The Big Picture: SnapShirts
This website can make a T-shirt featuring a word cloud of keywords from your Livejournal. I gave it a quick try but I see that it will take a bit of time to customize because it picked up a lot of extraneous words from non-post parts of the page.

And finally, borrowed from the sometimes-flippant The Consumerist: MySpace - The Movie
Beware of "The Angle". :)
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