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Take the long way home

Con's over. Time to head back home. Had breakfast at Maggiano's Corner Bakery Cafe. The Reading Terminal Market was open this morning but I felt like scrambled eggs and bacon. Parking was $63! Inserted the discount parking ticket and it was still $47. Egads!

Left Philly via the Ben Franklin Bridge but headed up Route 130, once I got to the Jersey side, to get Ship Ahoy and Florences Flashes. The latter geocache is named for the local soccer team. As for the former... well, I didn't see any ships, but it was right by the Delaware River and pretty close to the Turnpike Extension bridge.

After a brief stop at the Wawa to get some Vanilla Coke, I headed up I-295 and then US-1 to Bird Brain. Another easy cache although the walk was a little longer. No snow left on the ground though but it was cold and windy there.

Then, I went back down US-1 all the way to Trenton and then a few miles into Pennsylvania to The Old Drive-In. Just like another cache I visited last weekend, this one is located at the site of a former drive-in movie lot. A lot of it is still paved over but the brush and trees have started growing all over the place in clumps. There were thigh-high posts with wires sticking out placed at regular intervals all over the parking lot. I think I'll have to go to one of the few remaining operating drive-ins to find out what those are.

And those were the 4 caches for today. Total for the Philcon trip: 19 caches, 15 in PA and 4 in NJ. Headed home via Route 29 (through Trenton), I-195, the NJ Turnpike and the Parkway, but stopped in Woodbridge to take care of some banking along the way. (via Route 27, Route 35, US-1)

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