Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Penguin Plunge

Another eventful day. Today, I joined bearknight and the New England Fursuiters to be a mascot at the Middletown Penguin Plunge at Crystal Lake in Middletown, CT.

The Penguin Plunge is a fundraising event to benefit the Special Olympics. Organizations and clubs donate money to the fund and then they go jump into the ice-cold waters of Crystal Lake. (because it's crazy fun)

Anyway, our group was there to be big fuzzy critters mingling with the crowd and providing entertainment and mirth. (and photo ops) We even had a little skit. Our "team" was supposed to be the last to take the plunge. So we put up this act where we joined the line and told everyone who asked that yes, we really were going into the water. Then when it was our turn, we ran out onto the beach. But at the last moment, we turned away, except for tibortiger, who went into the water! Then the announcer, who was playing along, said "Looks like someone forgot to tell him they weren't going in."

After that, we went to a local diner for lunch. Having not been to a diner in ages, I'd forgotten how big diner portions are. So the meatloaf and mashed potatoes (with salad and bread) that I got was enough to feed a small village! It was pretty good though.

As for the geocaching side of things, I found one (at an adult store parking lot! hehe) on my way there. I was going to do a few more before meeting up with the group but I-91 was closed up ahead because a crane on a truck fell over. But after the event and lunch, I indulged in Connecticut's finest roadside geocaches and got 10 more on my way home. (I use that term loosely because there's no way that going from Milford to Derby is on my way home. :) )

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