Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lehigh Valley Breakfast

Yet another eventful day. I went to Bethlehem, PA for the WAKE UP -- It's Time For Breakfast!!! geocaching event. It was a breakfast buffet at the New Lincoln Hotel with over 100 geocachers in attendance. (The way attendance keeps going up at every event, soon it could become a convention. :) ) The highlight of the event was hearing Fren-Z and Linda tell their side of the bomb scare story. It turns out that there were a number of factual inaccuracies in the news story. Anyway, the Bethlehem PD now requires everyone placing caches to fill out a brief questionnaire so that they can have all the caches plotted on a map. That should help in future police calls about suspicious boxes.

After the breakfast, everyone fanned out and attacked the area geocaches. The weather was below freezing but we're a crazy bunch. I ran into geocachers at cache sites a few times. Group effort made some difficult caches a piece of cake. I also received a helpful hint for one of the toughest caches in the area, so I got that one too.

On this trip, I ventured a little further out and got my first cache in Berks County. Can conquest of this county be far behind? :) Also went to a Long John Silver's in Fogelsville that I'd never been to before. This is a double-sized restaurant that looks like a LJS and an Arby's joined at the hip. There are two separate order areas and two separate seating areas with only a corridor separating the two, so you can order from both and then sit anywhere. Service was the most efficient I've seen of all the LJS, but then again I was the only one ordering at the time.

Give My Regards to Broad Street (New Jersey )
Three Bridges.

Home Run Cache (Pennsylvania )
Ballfield in Bethlehem.

TRAIL SIDE MICRO 1 (Pennsylvania)
Lehigh Canal towpath in Bethlehem.

For Those Who Served –Allentown I (Pennsylvania )
War memorial in cemetery in Allentown.

For Those Who Served – Bethlehem II (Pennsylvania)
War memorial in cemetery in Bethlehem.

For Those Who Served – Howertown (Pennsylvania )
War memorial in Howertown.

Smile (Pennsylvania)
Kolapechka Park in Coplay.

Just a Nice Playground (Pennsylvania )
Lower Macungie Park.

This One's for Mike P. (Pennsylvania)
Office complex in Fogelsville.

Voyage To Pluto (Pennsylvania )

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