Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Deal Tuesday

1. Found out about Free Pancake Day while reading The Consumerist this morning. Great! So I had pancakes for lunch. Also got a salad to go with the short stack because a man cannot live on pancakes alone. (He also needs 5 kinds of syrup!)

2. In the evening, I went to the local Staples store to see what this week's specials are. I noticed that wireless notebook mice were on sale. Great! I'm sure the laptop computer was getting jealous because the desktop PC got a wireless mouse last week. :) Brought it to checkout but the cashier rang it up at a higher price. So we went back to the shelf to do a price check. It turns out that it was last week's special, but they were remiss in updating the shelf tags. They let me have it for the sale price anyway, so that was good.

3. And then, I got 2 chicken sandwiches for the price of one at Burger King. Just using one of my last few BK coupons.

4. Okay, this one's not technically a deal. The MP3 player that I won in a sweepstakes back in January arrived today. It's a 128MB Creative MuVo TX FM stamped with the Energizer e2 logo. (because that's what the sweepstakes was about) So I guess I'll have to get some music for it, although I could also download some radio shows that I don't normally get to listen to.

And finally, to make this even longer, here's a picture dump...

Penguin Plunge charity event on Saturday

I didn't get very many pictures because I was in fursuit nearly the whole time, but here's what I have:



Crystal Lake
Crystal Lake after everyone stopped jumping into it. :)

Awards ceremony
The awards presentation at the end of the event.

Lehigh Valley breakfast geocaching event on Sunday

This story, where the bomb squad was called to deal with a suspicious box, happened only the week before. Apparently, they deal with mysterious boxes by crushing them. Anyway, Fren-Z brought the ammo can to the breakfast event so that everyone could see it.

The bomb squad went caching
The ammo can in question.

Fren-Z with the cache
Fren-Z, the geocacher who placed the cache, holding the cache.

The mystery woman with the cache
The "mystery woman" with the cache. Actually, she's Linda, the nuttier nut of Team Caching Nuts.

Canine coin
The canine geocoin.

Dueling cameras
Dueling cameras with MuhlAl.

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