Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Connecticut Tundra

Had a nosebleed this morning as a result of all that excessive sneezing during the flu. So I wondered what if it bled again while I was outside? Well, I would be leaving a blood trail in the snow like a deer with a bullet wound. Okay, that might be interesting. (No, that didn't happen after all.)

Had a choice between Connecticut and Long Island because those were the two lists I prepared. So I picked Connecticut because the bridge toll was cheaper that way, and I wanted to try my hand at the new nanocache in White Plains that no one was able to find yesterday. (It turned out to be not that difficult.)

All the locations still had some amount of snow on the ground. One danger was the snow made things slippery so I had to be careful going up or down steep slopes. For one of the caches, I had to stand on top of and near the edge of a boulder to retrieve the cache from a tree. The boulder was covered in snow. I'd nearly gotten the cache out when I slipped. So I grabbed the tree with both hands to steady myself. The cache took the fall and spread its contents out on the snow below. Oh well. Rather have that happen to it than me.

Went to Royal Guard in Stamford on my way home. This time I got the platter with fish, shrimp, scallops, and chips. I think it's a better deal than just plain fish and chips. Anyway, that's my Long John Silver's substitute since they don't have LJS in this part of Connecticut yet.

Out of the woods #4 (New York)
Small park between NB and SB US-22 in White Plains.

Bottle Rocket War (Connecticut )
Edward R. Schongalla Natural Park in Greenwich.

A Walk in Tilley Pond Park (Connecticut)

"With a cherry on top" (Connecticut )
Cherry Lawn Park in Darien.

Oak Hills Park Mini (Connecticut)

Lost in the Shadows (Connecticut )
Mathews Park in Norwalk.

Down to the Sea (Connecticut)
Veterans Memorial Park in Norwalk.

I've Lost My Mind (Connecticut )

TIME TO VENT! (Connecticut)

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