Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Real and Unreal Monday

From the Overvalued Real Estate Blog, here's a shack in the Florida swamp. (actually a slum, according to one commenter) Only $40,000. Such a bargain. At the other end of the spectrum, here's a $40-million house in Alpine, NJ, that comes with its own power plant. (from the Central New Jersey Piece of S**t House blog) I love that it has swimming pools both indoors and outdoors, and the staircase has been mirrored for symmetry. One should not have to do without. :)

I don't read the geocaching forums much any more but I came across a link to this thread. There's a cache called Trailer Park Trash in South Jersey. Apparently, someone who lives in a trailer park took offense to the name of that cache and posted his objection to the forum. Then it became a long thread where people either explained why that name wasn't really anything to be offended about or pointed out that the original poster was a troll and/or a sock puppet. The story should end there, except that after the post appeared in the forum, the cache went missing. So there are a few fingers of blame pointing at the original poster for stealing the cache. Good grief!

I was wondering why I just got a check from the Oakmark Small Cap Fund, when that mutual fund was already liquidated back in 2004. I read the attached letter and it says that after the fund's liquidation, Harris Associates (the fund advisor) filed claims in class action lawsuits against two firms whose stocks were part of that fund's holdings. So now they're distributing the settlement money to all the former fund shareholders. The check isn't much but I appreciate their effort and honesty, and will continue to invest in their other mutual funds.

Dream Diary 3/6/2006

In this dream, I had a small wheeled box-like machine that was painted a dull black. Apparently, it was some kind of "eminent domain" machine that could turn any property into my property. So I took it out for a spin on Long Beach Island going from middle to South. In front of each house, it stopped and went "Ding!" and then it continued onwards to the next house. How it worked was a total mystery.

Then later, a middle-aged man with salt-and-pepper hair and beard came by to rent one of the houses that I'd just acquired using the machine. His hair was cut really short so it stood up. He introduced himself as "Dennis Kazak". (I made note of the full name the moment I woke up to search for it online.) So I took out a pre-written lease from the drawer and he signed it and we shook hands on the deal. Then he told me that he was a musician and invited me to see him play at the club that night.

That night, I went to see him at the club. He was playing the sax with another guy whose name was Larry, although that guy looked more like a "Curly". Unfortunately, Dennis couldn't actually play anything because the announcer kept patting his hair that was so cute and all standing up.

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