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Fancy Fruit

There were two boxes of fancy fruit at work today. Apples and pears wrapped in tissue paper and packed in fancy boxes. I tried a pear. It didn't taste fancier than an average pear though. Odd. Perhaps it should be chocolate-covered. Now, that would be fancy. :)

Found this Wild George in the straps of bills I got from the bank in Woodbridge yesterday. It's worth the sidetrip. Speaking of Where's George, my $100,000 milestone is coming up. My total will be $99,168 after the next refresh and I expect to withdraw a bunch of fives some time this week. Perhaps I'll celebrate with a 100 Grand candy bar. :)

And still on the subject of paper money, I got a crisp dollar bill in the mail from a survey company. They still do that? Yes, I Georged that dollar. But I filled out the survey too. Maybe they'll send more dollars. ;)

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was the truck accident on I-195, near the bend in Hamilton. It must have happened only a minute or two before I got there because the police were just arriving on the scene. The truck was on its side but hadn't pushed past the guardrail. Unfortunate but most likely not the only accident that happened on that day.
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