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This is the 3rd week in a row I've been to Connecticut. Must be good, huh?

Actually, it was a pretty good day. Can't think of too many trips that went more smoothly. No traffic delays anywhere and the locals were being nice or at least they didn't get in the way. Weather was good too. The only real problem was apparently, I still wasn't quite done with the flu. So I sneezed all over some trees and nearly coughed my lungs out at one point.

At the Ridiculous Roadside Micro, after I parked by the side of the road, someone else saw where I had parked and parked there too. And then someone else saw two cars there and parked there too. And before long, there was a whole bunch of people traipsing up and down the river area. Funny how that happened. That spot needs some kind of sign to show that it is a park area.

I've been seeing these Duchess Restaurants around Western Connecticut but I never went to any of them. This evening, I thought I'd get some fried fish at the usual place. However, as I passed a Duchess, I saw a sign saying something about a fish platter. So I thought I'd give them a try. I went to the Duchess in Darien, just off I-95. It's a quick service restaurant, like a fast food restaurant but maybe aiming a little higher in terms of quality. The fish itself was so-so, but I ordered the dinner platter and they really packed the tray! So the fish and chips came with a salad, melba toast, dinner roll, and coleslaw. Definitely worth revisiting, just for the well-rounded aspect of the meal.

Musicians' Cache #2: Amadeus (New York )
Nature Study Woods in New Rochelle.

Caddy Shack Series CACHE. (New York)
Lorenzen Park in Larchmont.

Lost In The Supermarket (Connecticut )
Near Stop and Shop in Norwalk.

"Wish You Were Here" (Connecticut)
Cranbury Park in Norwalk.

Tree Lessons (Connecticut )
Leonard Schine Arboretum in Westport.

Guard Hill Perserve (Connecticut)
Guard Hill Preserve in Westport.

Rich's Ridiculous Roadside Micro (Connecticut )
Near Saugatuck River in Weston.

...BUT CAN YOU SUDOKU? (Connecticut)
Elisabeth Luce Moore Preserve in Weston.

FLY-BY-NIGHT (Connecticut )
Old Barron's Property in Westport.

Hilla Von Rebay Arboretum in Westport.

Welcome to the Zoo (Connecticut )
Beardsley Park in Bridgeport.

CraigInCT's Crossroads #10 (Connecticut)
Park and Ride in Bridgeport.


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