Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Spanking of the Island

It was a rainy day, so I started the day with a bunch of roadside geocaches. Then the rain slowed to a drizzle so I did some caches that needed walking. Remarkably, I felt a lot better today. At the same time, with this morning's weigh-in, I stopped losing weight from the flu. I really should have more fried fish.

At Miller Pond, I saw a family feeding the ducks. Now I don't think it's necessarily a good idea to feed waterfowl, but some people have fun doing that and within reason, it should not be too damaging to the ecosystem. The problem is they were tossing WHOLE BAGELS at the ducks. By the time I got back from the cache, the family had left the area and there were a few dozen bagels bobbing in the water by the shoreline of the lake. Yes, there is such a thing as overfeeding the ducks and this is it.

At Miller Place, the road rage nonsense began again. Someone came up close behind and started honking. Then he overtook on a double-lined road. This location is within town and the speed limit is 30mph, so that's yet another law broken. Even worse, there was oncoming traffic just around the corner and not much room to spare. Now if I didn't do anything, that guy would've crashed head-on into oncoming traffic for sure. Much as I'd like to see him get what he deserved, I also knew that it would be unfair to the oncoming driver, who did nothing to deserve the damage. So I stomped on the brakes to let him back into the correct side of the road.

And finally, I revisited Reach Out and Touch Someone to see the codephrase. However, I've been thinking about this issue over the past few weeks and I decided that I cannot support caches with unnecessary logging requirements, nor do I wish to see other caches pop up around here with similar nuisance requirements. So I confiscated the codephrase sticker and posted the phrase in my online log. In case that gets deleted, it is: "This Usually Holds The Key".

I had a printout of every Long John Silver's location in Long Island. So for dinner, I tried the LJS in Melville on Broad Hollow Road. It's pretty similar in appearance to the North Baldwin location but it's more centrally located for access from the LIE.

Dirty Water Dogs (New York )
Roadside in Melville.

Mac-88 Uraca made me do it! (New York)
LIE rest area in Huntington Station.

YEM7 - Overlook Beach (New York )
Overlook Beach in Babylon.

YEM2 - Remember the OBI (New York)
Oak Beach in Babylon.

slippery bridge (New York )
Brady Park in Smithtown.

The scroll of smithtown (New York)
Miller Pond in Smithtown.

Steeplechase (New York )
Landing Avenue Park in Smithtown.

Harbor View (New York)
Old boat ramp in St. James.

Mt. Sinai Muggle Park (New York )
North Shore Heritage Park in Mt. Sinai.

Welcome to the Park -CMX3 (New York)
North Shore Heritage Park in Mt. Sinai.

WII-7 Duck Pond 1669 (New York )
Duck Pond in Miller Place.

Tithes & Offerings (New York)
Church in Sound Beach.

Sound Beach Park (New York )
Sound Beach Park in Sound Beach.

'Mc' Cache (New York)
McDonald's in Miller Place.


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