Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Time for Pasta

For dinner this evening, I finally used the free pasta and free pasta sauce that I got at Pathmark a few weeks ago. So I had elbow pasta with pasta sauce. I haven't cooked anything like this in years, so I was wondering if it could be done in the microwave. But in the end, I used the stove. I put half a box of pasta in the bowl and then filled the bowl with water until the water level above the pasta was about halfway between the first and second joint of my middle finger. (Hey, that's what works for rice. :) ) Then I turned on the stove. After boiling for just a little while, the pasta swelled up and absorbed all the water in the bowl. I figured that was a good time to turn off the stove before it burned up. I didn't know if it was al dente. More like al bloated.

Anyway, once I added half a can of pasta sauce, it wasn't bad at all. So I'm wondering why can't I cook like this all the time? It's certainly inexpensive. Well, this round was free (stove usage aside) because of the supermarket special, but even at regular prices, the two ingredients are less than a dollar per serving. (Reminds me of what I cooked back in college: such culinary delights as noodles in cream of mushroom soupsauce.)

An interesting item from The Consumerist: The Kuku Alarm Clock
It's in the shape of a bird. When the alarm goes off, it lays eggs and it doesn't stop chirping until you've put all the eggs back into its butt. So by the time you've gathered up all the eggs from wherever they've bounced and rolled and by the time you've returned all the eggs to the clock, you should be quite awake.

Well, I don't need anything so fancy. I have a clock radio, but if I absolutely have to wake up, I have a retro-looking wind-up alarm clock that's really loud. (I was surprised to find it at Target. Nearly every clock is electric or battery-operated these days.)
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