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Money can be exchanged for goods and services...

I think I'll be heading to the area surrounding Newark, DE. Interesting set of geocaches there and enough to stay overnight and make it a two-day trip. Provided, of course, the weather doesn't turn bad. That's about 150 miles from home, by the way.

Getting much closer now! My total at Where's George will be $99,813 after the next refresh. Most of that is just rebuilding the reserve after paying for the Philcon trip in cash. :)

Of course, it didn't help that I went to Palisades Center this evening. :)

Have a DVD player now and 2 DVDs, one of which I purchased at Philcon. I'll play one of those while stamping the 245 bills I entered into Where's George today.

Heard about on the radio and found it interesting. It's a police auction brought to the net. I doubt that everything there is a good deal but if you have no qualms about buying stolen or confiscated goods, it might be worth checking out.
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