Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lunacon Day 0

Had to take care of a few things this afternoon. Needed to get a new printer cartridge and recycle the old one. So I went to OfficeMax in Nanuet only to find out that it is going out of business. Which would be great if I wanted to take advantage of the 20-40% sale, but they were already all out of the 15A cartridge. So I went to Staples in Park Ridge and took advantage of their $3 coupon. (for recycling the old cartridge) That's just as good a deal as OfficeMax's free ream of paper for a cartridge deal.

I also noticed that all the gas stations in town had hiked their prices by 20cents/gallon! So I made it a point to fill up this evening at a gas station near home that hadn't raised its prices yet, before I headed off to Lunacon.

Anyway, Lunacon... This year, it's at the Hilton in Hasbrouck Heights. The hotel is undergoing renovation, so some of the stairwells were closed, the restrooms were unmarked, and a number of areas were barricaded. The Lunacon folks poked fun at it by placing "Hotel d'Isaster" signs with funny one-liners along the corridors. In addition, it is my understanding that they had to rearrange some of the programming rooms at the last minute, so the floor plans weren't accurate and lots of people were having trouble finding their way around. Indeed one of the panels I attended had only 2 attendees (I was one of the two) vs. 4 panelists.

Anyway this evening, I went to the "Unintelligent Design" panel. (on flaws in the design of the human body, but they did also discuss the ID court case at the Dover school district in Pennsylvania) Also went to "The Year in Science" and "The Year in Computing" panels, which were about major news stories in those two areas. Then I went to the con suite and had cucumber slices in veggie dip while engaging in geeky conversations. Then I wanted to go to the blogging panel, but that one had apparently slipped into a dimensional rift. So I came back home.

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