Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The Monday special

An insight I gained from the blogging panel is I'm one of those people whose day isn't complete without posting something. So here it is:

I got some of my home inventory done this morning using Know Your Stuff from the III. Neat thing about this software is it collects all the item descriptions and pictures together into one file to make it easy to archive. It also has an input field to add a scan of the item's receipt. Unfortunately, I don't think I can find any receipts for items that are more than a year or two old. Then again, anything more than a few years old probably isn't worth much, even if I take into account replacement costs because electronics and computer hardware are cheaper these days. Meanwhile, the hundreds of books on the shelves are going to be tedious to inventory.

I got the Monday special again at the Ramsey Quiznos this afternoon. It's a free combo on a regular or large sandwich (either Monterey Club or Turkey, Swiss and Ranch for the sandwich) and they've had that special going for a few Mondays already. Not too shabby. This time around, the dining area conversation turned to stocks. I have to wonder why people only talk about tech stocks. The usual suspects were JDS Uniphase, Yahoo, Lucent, and Google. Yeah, sure I have a few tech stock stories of my own, but I can also talk about my experiences with REITs, energy, mining, financial, manufacturing, and retail stocks. Well, probably not retail because I'm horrible at picking those. :)

Got two parties/gatherings lined up for this weekend already. It's funny that the moment I decided to be less of a recluse, I started seeing opportunities to socialize everywhere. Isn't that awesome?

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