Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Things that are forgotten, such as boroughs

Went for a quick cache dash in Staten Island, the forgotten borough. Except that I forgot nothing is ever quick in Staten Island. Roads are narrow and speed limits are low, which I don't mind, except that there are some impatient drivers there.

Then I was supposed to go to crashtiger's party in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I think I got the address wrong because there didn't seem to be anyone there. Also, the party invitation didn't have a phone number so I couldn't call to find out what went wrong. The lesson here is it's a good idea to have a contact number on a party announcement just in case. I didn't think of it either or I'd have emailed to ask for one.

Not a problem though. I just carried on after a stop at the nearby Wawa store for a hot turkey bowl. Pointed myself in the direction of home and got a few geocaches in Northern NJ.

Dinner was a tricky one as I was actually closer to home than anywhere I usually go when out and about. I was curious as to Moe's (in Mahwah) take on chicken nachos, so I went there to try it. As they have weird names for everything, they called it the "Billy Barou". The server used the weird-colored chips and put the cheese, olives, salsa, and jalapenos on it. Not bad. However, I still prefer Qdoba's chicken nachos.

Electra (New York )
Wolfe's Pond Park in Staten Island.

thin ice (New York)
Wolfe's Pond Park in Staten Island.

Evergreen plaza (New York )
Strip mall in Staten Island.

forever wild (New York)
Wooded area in Staten Island.

triple crown (New York )
Wooded area in Staten Island at the Greenbelt Trail.

The Unknown Legend (New Jersey)
Becker Park in Livingston.

"End of the Line Micro" (New Jersey )
Rail trail in Little Falls.

"Brownstone Quarry" (New Jersey)
Morris Canal area in Little Falls.


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