Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The Shopaholic Diaries

When the convenience store down the street opened for business (and probably never closed because it is a 24-hour business), I thought I wouldn't go there much. After all, I only need these stores when I'm traveling. Wrong. It has turned out to be a convenient (heh) place to buy milk and sometimes buttered bagels. Anyway, while looking at their selection of buttered bagels one day, I was wondering why I shouldn't just make those myself. After all, I have a knife and I know how to spread butter. So I went to the A&P to see what they had. Well, the supermarket must have anticipated my needs because both bagels and butter were on sale this week! So here's what I ended up with. Of course, unlike the convenience store, I don't put a whole stick of butter in each bagel. :) I also tried a bagel with peanut butter and that was pretty good too.

Also went to the Chinese Supermarket. Alas, they no longer had two of my usual items -- the microwaveable noodles (with seafood) in a bowl and the Asian pancakes with spring onions -- in stock. Oh well. I guess I'll have to go to the other Chinese supermarkets in East Hanover and Edison for the usual items. (only when I'm in those areas, of course) However, I did still get dinner and a few packs of fried noodles.

Borders has a new Borders Rewards loyalty card. As a reward for signing up, they gave me a personal shopping day on which I can get 10% off on all purchases. The problem is it's not worth using. You can usually get a better discount from Amazon. Even Borders itself sends out coupons on its email list every week with discounts far greater than 10%.
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