Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Kids Expo gig

Woke up this morning and only realized that I'd forgotten to set the clock ahead by an hour when someone on the radio said "you forgot to turn the clock ahead an hour", in those exact words. I have no idea of the context but that was creepy. Fortunately, I'd set the alarm an hour earlier than usual so it canceled out, although there was no room for error.

Enroute to Poughkeepsie, I bagged two mall caches. (at Newburgh Mall and Poughkeepsie Galleria) Also stopped at McDonald's to use a coupon. The cashier had a disconcerting inability to read the coupon. I handed her the coupon and she rang up a free small coffee. The problem was the coupon was for breakfast sandwiches. Egads. The supervisor had to tell her what the coupon was for in Spanish.

Then I went to downtown Poughkeepsie for the Kids Expo mascot gig. grizz593 organized this event for the New England Fursuiters. Basically, our group would join the parade and then mingle with the crowd afterwards. By the time I got to the parking area, after having been foiled several times by Poughkeepsie's confusing one-way street system, everyone was already gathered behind the Department of Health building. Among those present were grizz593 (of course), jbadger, freakylynx, siegewolf, lowen_kind, foxwell, talliy, bondage_husky, rapidtrabbit, acratin, tigerman, palladinthug, and a few others.

So we went inside the Department of Health building to change into our costumes. I noticed that we were actually using the STD clinic waiting room. (Egads! :) ) After changing, we got our containers and stuff back into our vehicles with the assistance of the helpers. Then we joined the parade starting in the parking area. Once the parade began, it was mostly a lot of walking and waving down Main Street. A few of us had baskets of candy to hand out. (I didn't do that.) Made a right turn at Market Street and then the parade made a few stops to interact with the crowd. After the parade and a break for water, we headed for the Civic Center, where the exhibition space was located.

My goodness, we were popular! Couldn't go more than a few steps in there without someone wanting hugs, handshakes, hi-fives, or photos. This being the Kids Expo, there were lots of kids there. Some were shy, some were scared (I tried the cover eyes / hide gesture to get a few to warm up to me, but there's really not much that can be done sometimes. Also, kneeling down to get to the kid's level seemed to help sometimes.), but some were really outgoing and did the tackle-hug. I didn't encounter any tail-pullers myself, although some from the group did. We took over a basement storage area, and then later the backstage area, and turned that into our unofficial break room.

After some time at the Civic Center, we boarded the shuttle bus (or as one kid called it, the "animal bus") to get to the YMCA. More interaction with kids there. There was a little girl who went around giving the fursuiters freebies from the exhibition. (She handed me some postcards, but I passed those on to someone else.) Got a ride in the van back to the initial parking area and changed into street clothes there. (By that time, the area was deserted.) Went back to the YMCA to get everyone's rides and belongings sorted out. Then we went as a group to The Palace Diner for dinner.

On my way home, I went for two geocaches near the Orange/Ulster county line just North of Newburgh. Found those in the dark with a flashlight, but both of them were pretty close to the road so they were quick to do.

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