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Weekend once again. On the whole, this was one of the better weeks, other than Anthrocon of course, in recent memory. May be hard to believe given what I have written in LJ but put into perspective, the last five days were enjoyable. No worries. Nothing bad happened. Did a lot of stuff that I like to do. I suppose next week will be a horror story but I'll thrash it out then.

A&P of Woodcliff Lake is not George-friendly. Who knew? I've been shopping there for years and no one told me. I guess there was nothing much they could do because I always use the U-scan self-checkout machines and those don't reject stamped bills. According to the lady at the courtesy counter, some customers were complaining about receiving stamped bills in their change. Oh boy. You just know in a neighborhood like this that it's probably a few lonely malcontents with nothing better to do than complain about everything. Can't let anyone have their fun, right?

Staples in Park Ridge was George-hostile too. That time the cashier himself blew his top over it but I've never seen him in the store since then. Maybe he got promoted out onto the street for his superior customer service. Heheh.

I'm buying a supporting membership for MFM 2002. I doubt I'll be going but if I do go, it'll only be an additional $20 to convert to a attending membership. And if I don't go, they'll send some goodies in the mail. That's a good thing.

This evening I found that I had only one good battery remaining for my Sony Mavica digital camera. The rest are dead and cannot recharge. How odd. I assumed those batteries were good for more than two or three years of use but apparently that's not the case. I'll have to get another battery when I go to the Wiz to pay my cable modem bill the week after next.

Earlier this week, I saw a pretty good fursuit on Ebay. Fits up to 6'2" so that should be just fine, right? Not so fast. I asked the seller about the waist and chest size. It turns out that the suit would have been a few inches too narrow. This is the chief difficulty with buying fursuits in online auctions. Most of the good ones, it seems, were custom made but the seller either needs the money or can't keep the suit for some other reason. The problem with custom made is exactly that. Unless you're the same size in every way as the seller, the fursuit is unlikely to fit well. Even if the height, waist and chest are okay, your head may be too big. And I'm not just referring to your ego. :) Unfortunately, it seems that my head, feet and hands are all a little too big for my height. So size matters.

But what the hey, I can afford custom made. Perhaps I should look into that. I know I'm not going to make one myself. Don't have time for that and if there's one thing I was not meant to do, it has to be sewing.

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