Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Comparative Food Photography 101

(Via The Consumerist) The Impulsive Buy blog posted what has to be the worst-looking specimen of a Quiznos prime rib sub. I have no idea where they got that sub, but it's nothing like the prime rib subs I've had at the local Quiznos.

Here is the prime rib sub, as pictured in The Impulsive Buy:

Prime rib sub from The Impulsive Buy

Egads! Kill it! :)

Meanwhile, here's a picture that I took of a prime rib sub from the Ramsey Quiznos:

Prime Rib Sub

It doesn't look half as bad as the first one. It's toasted, at least.

And finally, for the purpose of comparison, here's the prime rib sub in Quiznos' ad:

Prime rib sub from Quiznos ad

Okay, to be fair, my picture doesn't look anything like the ad either, but no fast food item ever lives up to its ad.
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