Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Some days, you just get zugzwanged

One good thing about this time of the year is after work, there's still time to hit a geocache or two before sunset. So I went to Pequannock. The rain clouds looked ominous during the drive over there, but once I got there, it hardly rained at all. I did Mate in one - Zugzwang in Greenview Park and Mate in one - Fianchetto in Hidden Cove Park. Both were pretty simple but I didn't have time for the rest of the series so I'll have to do those another time. As you might expect from their names, it is a chess-themed series of geocaches. Each one has a list of piece positions and once you have information from the first four, there is a chess puzzle to solve to get the fifth one.

Since the documentation arrived in the mail, I went to get the insurance inspection done this afternoon. I had a list of inspection locations from the website. So far so good? Went to the first location, which was a Mobil gas station in Park Ridge. The attendant told me they weren't doing insurance inspections any more because someone stole their camera. What??! Geez, you can't leave cameras lying around any more.

I didn't know where the second location was so I went to the third location, which was a Valero gas station in Hillsdale. Asked the pump attendant and he said that everyone had gone on holiday so there was no one to do the insurance inspections. Oh well. The fourth location changed its name from Coastal to something else so I missed it. Saw the fifth location, Timmy's Service Center, in Westwood so I stopped there to inquire. The service tech said yes, he could do it right away. So after a bunch of paperwork and photos from all four sides, it was done.

Along the way, I noticed that downtown Hillsdale had changed a bit. There used to be an alley between the two blocks of stores. And in that alley, there was a Mexican takeout place, Cinco de Mayo. Well, that's different now. That alley has been closed up and Cinco de Mayo moved out to face the main road occupying what used to be the opening of the alley.

I also noticed that there is a new KFC (but no Long John Silver's, lamentably) on Broadway in Hillsdale, so I had lunch there in order to use a coupon from my growing collection of KFC coupons that I haven't been using because I kept going to Quiznos.

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