Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Bucking the Trend

I thought I was slowing down this year but I blew it by finding 20 caches in Trenton and Bucks County today. It's funny. I wasn't really counting until near the end when I noticed that I was up to 19 caches already. So I did just one more to make it a round 20 for the day.

There were a bunch of rather challenging needle-in-the-haystack caches that I was pretty lucky to find quickly. "Grandmom's Playground" and "Trenton Fishin' Hole Micro" were two of them. I also checked the logs for hints at a fair number of cache sites and that helped a lot at "Creek's Bend" and "Operation H.B.D.M." The former because the coordinates were way off and the latter because someone's height was a very good clue as to where to check.

Went to 3 different Wawa stores. The first one was in Yardley, where I got a wrap and a veggie tray. (trying to eat something more healthy than a buttered bagel) The second one was in Langhorne, where I got a milkshake after finding a cache hidden near the parking lot. And the last one was in Florence, where I had dinner. I intended to go somewhere else for dinner but it appears that most restaurants in the area were closed early for Easter Sunday. So Wawa was pretty much the only option, not that it's a bad thing.

Hit an 18-mile traffic delay on the NJ Turnpike on my way home. That beats Connecticut's traffic delay by 1 mile. Yeah! Ummm... wait a minute. When I got to the front of the traffic delay, I saw that some kids were burning stuff by the side of the Turnpike. Egads.


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