Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Name that fiat currency

At the salad bar at the A&P Supermarket, you can pick and choose from a variety of vegetables, cold cuts, and deli items, but it is $4.99 per pound, which I always thought was a bit on the high side. Previously, I mentioned that instead of going to the salad bar, you could go to the deli counter and get a variety of items for $3.99 (and under) per pound. That's what I've been doing. Recently though, I noticed that, not far from the salad bar, they have some pre-packed salads at $3.99 per pound. This is the chicken caesar salad that I got yesterday.

So riddle me this... picking your own salad costs $4.99 per pound but picking up a pre-packed salad, already nicely arranged and complete with salad dressing, is $3.99 per pound? So is the ability to choose your own veggies worth paying 25% extra? I don't think so! And besides, even among the pre-packed salads, they have several variations with chicken or ham, and different kinds of vegetables and salad dressing. However, the salad bar is a lot more prominent so most people will go to that first.

And now, let's play Name That Money:

Foreign currency of mystery and intrigue

I got this note from one of the geocaches over the weekend.
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