Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


Looks like my Flickr photostream got a bit of unexpected publicity because view counts on my most recent uploads shot up very quickly within a few hours this morning. And oh, I guess I'm giving it a bit more publicity by linking to it. :)

Found a tick in my car this afternoon. Ugh. It's the one woodland annoyance I could never quite get used to, and rightfully so because ticks carry Lyme disease. The creepy thing about ticks is some of them don't bite right away. Instead, they hang on to clothing and get redeposited elsewhere. Depending on where I go after visiting a wooded area, I could be leaving ticks in restaurants, stores, malls, or supermarkets everywhere. I haven't heard of anyone getting bitten by a tick at a supermarket, but the possibility, no matter how slight, is there. I have, however, heard of people getting bitten by ticks in their own yards. So don't assume you're safe even if you don't go hiking into deep woods.

You know what's worse? After seeing that one tick, I had the curious sensation all day long of ticks crawling all over my body even though there really weren't any. Those are what I would call psychosoma-ticks. If this sensation drives me crazy, that would be psycho-tick.

And the worst thing is I forgot to take a picture of the tick for Flickr. (which brings me back to the first topic in this LJ entry) One of these days, I hope to be able to suppress the urge to flick the tick away long enough to take a picture of it. I suppose I would then be a non-flick Flickr tick picture-taker, but that would be bad wordplay. :)

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